Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hooked by Brenda Rothert

HOOKED by Brenda Rothert
Of course its raining. My L train stop is only a quarter of a mile away and Im actually having a good hair day. Karma is laughing at me as I pull the hood of my sweatshirt up over my head, because this is one of those downpours that will soak through my clothes in a matter of seconds. And thanks to the biting late October downtown Chicago wind, Im also freezing.
Damn it,I mutter as I duck to keep my face out of the pouring rain. Tonys already going to be pissed that I look like a drowned ratI dont need to add rain-smeared makeup to the visual.
I work in housekeeping at Dupont Tower, and yeah, its a swanky hotel, but still. Youd think I was posing for a magazine spread for the place by the way my boss, Tony, expects the staff to look every day.
Are you a clean-cut, polished ambassador for the Dupont? he always asks us with his well-groomed brows arched. If we cant say yes, were written up and sent home without pay. It already happened to me once when I spilled coffee on my uniform and didnt have a spare to change into.
Tonys a real prick, but even he cant fault me for getting rained on while walking to my train stop.
On the bright side, I was dragging ass when I woke up at six-thirty this morning to get ready for work, and this icy rainstorm has me feeling wide awake. Hopefully with the help of another strong cup of coffee I can stay this way. I was up studying for an exam until two a.m.
Chemistry is the hardest college class Ive taken so far. It doesnt help that Im twenty-five and havent even thought about science since high school.
My exam is this evening, and when I finish it Im going to cook myself the cheesiest grilled cheese ever and sleep so hard. Im only taking two classes this semester, but between working forty hours a week at the Dupont and tending bar on Friday nights, its all I can do to keep up.
At this rate Ill have my bachelors degree in . . . six more years. Hopefully then I can get a job that pays enough for me to stop scraping by and eating peanut butter sandwiches the last few days of every month.

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