Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Unmarked Vampire by Belinda Laj

*****New Release****

Unmarked Vampire 
By Belinda Laj

Excerpt 1
"You know what the Damned Academy is, don't you?" The boy looked at him as if he was talking to someone who had suffered brain damage. Damned Academy... Julian rubbed his chin. Nope, he'd never heard that name before.
Unmarked Vampire
Excerpt 2
“Now tell me something, Foster,” he continued, reaching her side in an instant. He slowly lifted her chin and looked directly into her frightened eyes. He could hear her human heart beating much stronger than his own, and sense her fear and irritation. It excited him. He lifted her wrist, and traced the line of her delicate veins with his thumb, continuing around the edges of the black phoenix, the racial mark used for the humans. Mia’s blood was pulsing rapidly under his fingers.
“What blood type are you?” he asked in a deep and seductive voice. “I must confess that I am not yet an expert in human blood, but I plan on specializing very soon. Otherwise what kind of vampire would I be?”

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